Is That a Good Price


Easily track the price history of products so you always know what's the best unit price!

Track Unlimited Number of Products

Organize price entries with different product categories.

Track Unlimited Number of Entries

A price entry includes date, merchant, name, units, quantities, price, discount types, note, and image.

Automatic Unit Price

Automatically calculates unit price for easy comparison.

Best Price Summary

Automatically highlights the best unit price for each product.

Dark Mode

Dark and light theme based on system settings.

Entry Merchant and Name Autocomplete (Premium)

Merchant and name autocompletes with previously entered info.

Export to CSV (Premium)

Export each entry list to CSV for additional analysis in Excel.

No Ads (Premium)

Disable ads.

Backup and Restore (Premium)

Create a backup of all your data and restore to any device.